Goddess Rising

Goddess Rising

Moonstone & Garnet


Garnet is a stone of manifesting, healing & self-worth. It helps with creating what you truly want.


Moonstone is the stone of New Beginnings, increasing intuition, empathy & is thought to be linked to clairvoyance. 


Length 20 1/4"

This necklace is made to order and will take approximately 10 weeks for gems to be imported, product to be made, packaged and shipped.


    Each piece is one of a kind & handmade with love & care. All necklaces are special & unique in their own way, variations in color & inclusions are natural with gemstones.


    Care for your necklace is important in order to maintain its magic and life span. It is best not to wear your piece during exercise or water sports. Cleanse and charge your pieces periodically with sacred smoke, sound &/or the light of the full moon. When not in use keep in the cotton bag provided to keep it safe.