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The Own~Your~Life mentorship is for transformation-ready women who want to be activated, empowered, and to heal.  The Own~Your~ Life mentorship will help you to realign with your truth, create rituals for living, clear the clutter & find your passions & purpose.

The Own~Your~Life mentorship will help you move away from overwhelm, lack of clarity, over committing, negative self-talk, & resentments.

The Own~Your~Life mentorship will support you in moving into "Your" true alignment.

The Own~Your~Life mentorship will guide you through the process of learning who you are at your core along with your values & beliefs, bring clarity & direction, boundaries & what needs to change, taking care of yourself through acknowledgment, release, love & acceptance, a clear picture of where you want to be, tools for self-doubt & gratitude, a plan of action according to your passions & purpose.

The Own~Your~Life mentorship will provide you will essential oil, gemstone support & tools for living your empowered & aligned life.

The Own~Your~Life mentorship was created to support transformation-ready women in creating a future where we lead a sacred, sustainable, expressed lifestyle unapologetically.

Program Outline

Own~Your~Life is a 12 week  1:1 mentorship


-get to the core of who you are, your values & beliefs before the world told you something else. You'll be amazed at the freedom this brings.


-Get out of stuck & unsure. Take the first steps to create a vision for your life & make the necessary changes to get you where you want to go.


-What needs to change? Where are you saying yes when you mean no? Think of all you would have time for when you set your boundaries to reflect your core values & beliefs.

Take Care Of Yourself

-Acknowledge, release, love & acceptance. Resentments affect all parts of us emotionally, physically & spiritually. Return to wellness with a sense of ease.

A Vision For You

-Get the tools to practice visualization, affirmations & gratitude. The use of these tools can take you to places you never thought possible.


-Uncover your passions & purpose and make a plan of action. You will be well on your way to getting to your desired destination.

Included in our time together

-Bi-weekly mentorship calls

-Unlimited WhatsApp &/or email support

-Rituals E-book

-Essential Oil & Gemstone guidance & support


$888 Paid in full

$166 Bi-Weekly 

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I look forward to supporting you in your transformation to your most aligned self

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